The National Geospatial Digital Archive

A Collaborative Initiative


Miscellaneous Reports

  1. The Stanford Digital Repository: Lessons Learned - A Report for NDIIPP
    December 2009, written by Tom Cramer at Stanford University.
  2. Report to National Geospatial Digital Archive Regarding Geospatial Treatment in Data Format Registry Efforts
    December 2009, written by Natalie Munn of Content Innovations.
  3. NGDA Phase II Data Transfer Report
    December 2009, written by Alpana Pande and Katherine Kott at Stanford University.
  4. Report on Status of Format Registry
    September 2009, created by the staff at UC Santa Barbara.
  5. NGDA Ingest System Architecture and Development Guide
    March 2006, created by the technical staff at UC Santa Barbara.
  6. NGDA Format Registries Presentation
    May 2005, presentation by Catherine Masi at UC Santa Barbara.
  7. Stanford Digital Repository Service Data Structures
    April 2005, presentation by Jerry Persons at Stanford University.
  8. Stanford Digital Repository Overview
    February 2005, presentation by Jerry Persons at Stanford University.
  9. Sallis-Evaluation (Interim Project Review report)
    2006, Review carried out by Philip J. Sallis for UC Santa Barbara.
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